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The Arlington County Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee is a body of two dozen Arlingtonians named by the County Board to put together all sorts of events in the county from 2011 through 2015 to mark the 150 years since the War Between the States.
Our primary mission is educational—to provide information to young and old about how the Civil War impacted Arlington and its people.

Warren L. Nelson—Warren is a journalist who once covered the Pentagon for United Press International and who spent 20 years working for the House of Representatives, chiefly for the Armed Services Committee. Warren is currently the editor of a weekly newspaper about Iran, a country that provides no shortage of news!

Brandon Bies—

John Cartright — was born and raised in Arlington, graduated from Randolph—Macon College in Ashland, Va., Graduated from the Program Management Course (intensive 6 month residency ) Fort Belvoir, Virginia, National Defense University, Fort McNair. John has retired from the Department of Defense Senior Civilian employee specializing in advanced Information Technology Procurements (over 30 years), and as a colonel in the active and Army Reserves (over 30 years).

Walter DeGroot—

Tom Dickinson—First became involved during the Civil War Centennial celebrations as a transplanted Wisconsin Yankee living in the heart of the Confederacy near Raleigh, NC in the 1960s. Visited numerous Civil War sites in NC and VA (inlcuding the Confederate White House and Museum in Richmond, Appomattox Courthouse, Petersburg, Arlington House, etc.) as a boy, and became fascinated with the subject. Tom's great-great-grandfather, Thomas Green, fought with the Union Army during the Civil War, serving as a Corporal in Company H, 8th Infantry Regiment of the Wisconsin Volunteers, and fought at Gettysburg. Tom still owns the 1860s Sharp's Carbine used by his ancestor during the War. Awarded a B.A. Degree in US History from Beloit College. Member of the Arlington Historical Society since 1980, current President.

George Dodge—

Al Eisenberg—

Saundra Green—

Eleanor Harvey—

Diana Hasuly-Ackman—

Steve Holmes— is a native Arlingtonian. He is proud to have been in attendance at the first ever Civil War re-enactment in July 1961 that marked the centennial observance of this conflict. He has two great-grandfathers who served on behalf of the South, and honors them as a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. His working career has been in hospital administration and in eldercare services.

Kevin Kelly—works for a local non-profit organization in Arlington, which provides a variety of economic development programs to residents of metropolitan Washington, DC. Kevin has lived in Arlington for almost 32 years. He has been a volunteer tour guide since 1993 at the Mary Surratt House and Tavern, where he discusses the history of the house and its connection to the assasination of President Lincoln.

Marsha Lederman—

Bonnie Mangan—grew up in Chicago and graduated from the University of Illinois with master degrees in Library Science and Middle East Studies. Her first librarian job was in Isfahan Iran. She now works at the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress as an Information Research Specialist. Bonnie has lived in the Penrose neighborhood of Arlington since 1983. Studying the Transcendentalists and the Alcott family led her to the Civil War. Bonnie is a Board member of the Society for Women in the Civil War a national organization dedicated to uncovering the history and service of all women, North or South, during the Civil War. She is a member of the Northeast Kingdom Civil War Roundtable (Vermont) and the Capitol Hill Civil War Round Table. Helping to rally neighborhood support to save the Columbia Pike Library is something she is most proud of. 

John Moroz—

Kim O' Connell — is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in the Washington Post, the New York Times Syndicate, the Washington Business Journal, Preservation, National Parks, America's Civil War, and Civil War Times Illustrated, among other publications. Kim is also the author of 15 nonfiction books for young people, covering such diverse subjects as slavery and emancipation, the Civil War and the Vietnam War, and biographies of presidents John Tyler and William Howard Taft. Kim holds a master of arts degree in historic preservation from Goucher College.

Matthew Penrod—

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